Naples, FL: Visiting the Ritz-Carlton Naples Resort

The conference my dad and the others we were with was located at the other Ritz-Carlton in Naples, the one that's actually on the beach. We took a shuttle to it each morning, ate some breakfast, and I left them to their conference and I went to the beach and pool (tough life I know). Part of the benefit of having two Ritzes in town is that guests get to enjoy the amenities of both hotels. (The shuttle that took us between hotels was a Ritz shuttle designed for the sole purpose of taking people back and forth.) The Ritz Naples, the one on the beach, has quite a bit more than the Naples Golf (besides, you know, a beach) -- a full-service spa (separate post coming about that soon), two pools instead of one (one family, one relaxation), several more restaurants including one on the beach, and several boutique shops. It felt a little more glamorous (well, ritzy) than the other Ritz and was fun to hang out at during our time in Florida.

A mongrove-lined boardwalk led us out to a restaurant (Gumbo Limbo), which is located right on the beach and has a great view of the ocean. I had a lobster quesadilla (usually I eat as much seafood as I can when by the water) and it was really good! We considered going back here for other meals as well.

This is a foot shower. Step on the platform, get your feet and legs (and skirt/shorts, if you're not careful) washed off.

This is a view of the family pool. We spent a morning out here on our last day; it was finally warm and sunny and we swam. I brought my GoPro and took some photos from the pool.

It was nice, although still a little too cold (the air was about 70, and cooler in the shade) to stay in for very long. I also spent some time at the relaxation pool, named such because (theoretically) no kids are allowed in this pool. It was nice too, but mostly in the shade and it was a little too chilly to stay there for too long (hence my towel-blanket). We did each lunch here by the pool one day when it was sunny and warm. This Ritz has a pool-side restaurant that delivers to your chair.

Dad and I found the courtyard with a pretty fountain and took some photos of it as the sun set one night.

The Naples Ritz was nice to play at! Usually the conference attendees stay here, too (instead of the Golf), but there were so many conferences in town at the same time that there was no room. Since we didn't stay here I can't speak to the rooms, but the pools, access to the beach, and the food were all good.
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