I decided to start this up again since I'll be graduating in May and we'll hopefully be out of here after that. I do truly enjoy writing, especially when it means keeping track of all the things I've done. So we have a bunch of things left to do while we still live in the DC/Baltimore metro area. And I have a lot of things to catch up with here, since we've done quite a bit (although probably not as much as we should have). I'll be pacing myself through the last few weeks of this semester and am aiming to do a lot of catching up over winter break.

The things we've done that are on the list that haven't been written up yet:
- Go to a Wizards game (we went vs the Pacers)
- Go to a GW game (we went vs Xavier last season, and hope to go vs Butler this year)
- Go to a Nats game (we went about a million times, but most awesomely we went for the whole 4-game opening weekend vs the Reds)
- Visit the Smithsonian Castle (I went with a friend from NC)
- See the National Fireworks display (we went both last year and this year)
- Take a tour of the White House (we went with my alma mater)
- Go to the National Archives (I went with the same friend from NC)
- Go to a DC United game (we went to several)
- Go to Savage Mills (several times)

Unfortunately, we won't be able to go to a Capitals game because the NHL is locked out. Silly hockey!

We also have some more specific things to check out during these next 6 months or so. Since it's the holiday season, a lot of cool lights and other holiday-related events will be happening that we'll make an effort to get to.

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